Pediatric Mobile Simulation Program

Beginning in 2014 the Colorado EMS for Children Program will be pleased to offer simulation-based outreach education to emergency care providers across the state. Thanks to significant financial contributions by the State of Colorado, the federal EMS for Children program, the R Baby Foundation and Children’s Hospital Colorado this state-of-the-art mobile simulation center utilizing a family of high-fidelity simulator kids is available to support pediatric education across the state.

The simulation laboratory offer a realistic patient care environment is available with newborn, 1 year old or 5 year old simulators and includes a trained simulation technician to operate the A/V recording equipment and vehicle systems.

Additional clinical educators are also available upon request through our partners at the Children’s Hospital Colorado EMS Outreach and Education Program to assist with direct instruction and management of simulated scenarios.

The simulation trailer is available for a daily fee of $600 for the first day and $300 per day for any additional days. We encourage potential users to build this fee into their course costs and consider utilizing the Colorado Resource for Emergency and Trauma Education (CREATE) program to offset course fees.

The trailer may be requested via the Colorado EMS for Children online Training Request Form. Please allow 60 days of lead time when making a request. If you require additional clinical education faculty please indicate those needs in the comments section of the form.

The EMS for Children Program is also pleased to recognize additional donors to the laboratory including:

  • Rural / Metro Colorado

In the event you are looking for simulation training resources for Children’s Hospital Colorado staff, please visit the Simulation Program at Children’s Hospital Colorado web site.